B.L.T was created and toured in 2000 and the tale revolved around a ‘bizarre love triangle’ (get it ?!), The ‘Spike murder story’ was influenced by a number of quirky films (especially Jeunet and Caro’s Delicatessen, Wim Wenders’ Wings of Desire and Peter Chelsom’s Funny Bones). Featuring our fabulous ‘Red-Welsh-Dresser-with-a-thousand-uses’ and the stupid slap dance; B.L.T. toured again alongside The Bank Job in Spring 2001 and had its final outing during the Spring 2003 tour.

Original Cast:

Mark Smith – Walto
Steve Wallis – Mika
Julie Walker – Neela.
In 2001-
Nick Chee Ping Kellington – Walto
In 2003 -
Kate Crossley – Neela
In 2003 -
Alan Richardson - Mika
Directed by
Glenn Noble
Music by
Simon James
Designed by
Brian Hanlon
Set Construction by
Dave Brown
Lighting by
Mike Wight